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Shipping & Payment


Retail orders shipping

We usually ship retail worldwide orders by regular post of Ukraine.
The terms are 14-30 days (maybe longer now because of a war).

The worldwide shipping order must be pre-payed: order value + shipping cost

The shipping cost for most EU countries is 20 USD/19 euro (for the parcel weight up to 2 kg)


Wholesale orders shipping

Temporary in the situation of war in Ukraine, we do our wholesale shipments mostly from our China warehouse.

The shipping cost depends on a weight and destination country. You can use your own shipping agent, then additionally must be payed the cost of a custom clearance while you receive the order in your country.

Anyway we can help and ship your order by our shipping agent including custom clearance service.

Some countries can receive wholesale orders from Ukraine by buses (such as Poland, Romania, Bulgary, Greece etc – contact us to get to know the possibility to receive your orders by bus)


1) PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram, RIA, Transfer Go international payment systems 2) payment to bank account