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Greetings from Taki Da Stamping, the ukrainian brand of stamping nail art supplies

Our advantages:

The world's first stamping plates with a demonstration film for ready designs trying on your nails

The world's first premium matte metal plates

-protects the nail master's eyes -perfect engraving for beginners

High quality professional stamping nail art polish of 60+ colours

Hit collections of images

the most popular in european instagrams and web

Online/offline stamping nail art training lessons with our best teachers

Content support for your online store

lots of ready pictures, videos, tutorials you can use for advertising

As you can know Ukraine now is in a war and temporary we cannot work in our native country

Now we are looking for new distributors in other countries and we are ready to offer you cooperation with the best selling conditions and our absolutely exclusive products

Fill in the form and we will send you the information about our success cooperation